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Heriss Corporation  is a worldwide engineering company specializing in the procurement & supply of spare parts and equipment as well as maintenance and overhaul service for the Oil, Gas, Power and  Petrochemical industries.
Our head office is located in Brampton, Ontario. Canada.
Our comprehensive range of services provides innovative, effective, strategic and cost efficient solutions to our clients’ requirements.
We combine technology, experience, meet the needs of our clients. We provide full-service engineering, construction, operations and maintenance support to clients.

Whether our clients are involved in Upstream  or  Downstream of the Oil and Gas industries, we can help them by offering the goods or services at the most competitive prices and shortest delivery times.
A number of our Engineering and procurement team have been involved in the Oil & Gas industries for over 30 years with extensive  background in dealing with the vast range of items used in this industry. Our experience gives us the advantage in offering our expertise in all over the world, including North America, Middle East, Europe,  & South America. Our head office is in Canada with branches in UAE, and TURKEY,
Our goal is to earn our clients trust and to build a long lasting business relationship with them.