Salient is an excellent design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with Gantry 5, it is infinitely customizable, incredibly powerful, and remarkably simple.


We offer and supply complete packages of:


•    Brand New Generator Set,
•    Compressor Set and Pumping set,
•    Pump  Set and Pumping set,
•    Brand Core Engine as Drive Train of Solar® Gas Turbines including, Saturn®,  Centaur®, Taurus®, & Mars® along with their Accessory Drives, and Speed Reducer Gearboxes for Solar Gas turbines to our clients as per their requirement.
•    we provide complete Overhaul to Zero Hours plus installation and commission service when required.
•    We have exchange plan to deliver Overhauled Zero Hours Engines against your used engine.
•    Our overhauled Zero hour Engines carry 18 months of warranty for Parts and Labor.

We always carry a large inventory of over several thousand line item of Spare Parts of Solar Gas Turbines for immediate delivery. Parts like Fuel injection set and many other parts.

Solar Taurus Gas Turbine Dual Fuel Injection set with all tubing for Dual fuel unit.→    
Please email your request  for Details about our supply and services related to  Solar® Gas Turbines to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Additionally,  we can Overhaul your Core Engines in our facilities as per the OEM Standards to Zero Hours with Warranty Workmanship for 36 months.
At any time, we have over 3000 line items of spare parts for immediate delivery for Solar® and Ruston® Gas turbines and Solar® compressors in our warehouse.