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Ruston Gas Turbines

We offer to supply all brand New spare parts you may need for Ruston Gas Turbines type TA and TB  at the most competitive prices and faster delivery. We also provide overhaul service for your existing Ruston Gas  Turbines as per the highest industry standars.   Please contact us for further information  to:

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Ruston® Gas Turbine Intermediate Duct Assy Part No. TA-35000Y (TA35000Y) for TA1500 (Click for more information)
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We supply with fast delivery and competitive price for Ruston® Switch. Gov. Speeder Motor, Part No. 64/07004017/1. Please contact us for more information at:
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We have supplied many of these valve-fuel-dist-oil-TB5000-Part-No-TB52020J/05 to our clients. We assemble the complete valve using all New Parts according to OEM standards